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Give Your Home a Contemporary Makeover with Cushions

Giving your home a new and upgraded look can seem like an expensive and time-consuming affair. Well, apart from construction alterations and new furniture, there are several inexpensive things that can help you change the look and feel of your house. While furniture forms the foundation and tone of the interiors, elements like cushions, curtains, figurines, rugs, and throws give definition to the space. It can be rightly said that these elements are as important as the furniture and wall paints. Likewise, sofas with covers can also impact the appearance of the room.

In most projects, cushion covers, sofa covers, and curtains take a backseat. It is important to note that these little things can change the entire décor of your home. These days cushions are not just used for sofas but are also used to define or fill a space. Be it a reading corner near a window or a small couch that needs some detailing, cushion covers can be of great help. These days you can get cushion covers online too at the best rates. However, selecting the right sofa cushion covers online is necessary. Here are a few tips to help you.

Tips to Buy Sofa Cushion Covers Online

1. Select the colour palette you want to create

When you buy cushion covers online you must first keep in mind the colour palette you want to create. It is a no-no to choose cushion covers of the same colour as the sofa. Cushion covers can give your sofa a creative edge and therefore, it is necessary to add different hues.

2. Consider the existing décor of the room where the cushions are to be placed

If you want to upgrade the style of your room keeping the existing décor as it is, you must opt for sofa cushion covers online that blend in with the same. If the room has light colours overall then cushion covers with slightly darker hues can be chosen. Likewise, if the room has hues of blues, whites, and grey, one can also go for other pastel colours to stay in a similar colour family.

3. Experiment with different textures

These days you can buy cushion covers online in several different textures. From linen, cotton, velvet, and fur, there is a lot to choose from. Layer your sofas with cushion covers ranging from the lightest textures to the heaviest. This will make your seating cosy and unique.

4. Select cushion covers in unique sizes and shapes

Cushion covers are used to add aesthetic value and choosing covers in different sizes and shapes can help you achieve that easily. Some cushion covers appear stiff and formal while some like circular cushion covers look more casual and easy-going for a living room setting. Choose the size and shape that fits your room vibe the best. You can also combine a few shapes to give the room a chic look.

5. Choose the right pattern or embroidery

Cushion covers online come in a variety of designs and embroideries. The designs and patterns you choose reflect what kind of look you want to set. These are the crucial things you must keep in mind when buying cushion covers online. Once you choose the covers, it is important to style them properly. Right from the placement of the cushions to the number of cushions you place, everything can make or break the overall look. One can opt for a paired cushion arrangement or go for texture-oriented cushion placement wherein the lightest texture is placed first followed by the heaviest. Likewise, you can also club two pillows having similar designs and patterns. All in all, cushion covers are an effortless way to give your home a distinct look.

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